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Visa Refusals Reasons

Top Important Reasons Which Lead To Australian Visa Refusal

There are different visas for different purposes in Australia- for residence, travel, studying or working and so on; you need to file for right kind of visa to get it approved. Acquiring Australian Visa is a long and arduous task, which requires a lot of skill and effort. In order to avoid refusals visa, you must hire a professional.

Many a times, minute things which an applicant might feel insignificant and thus, ignore while filing visa application leads to them becoming Australian visa refusal reasons. We, Migration Agent Perth, are a renowned and MARA registered migration firm that assesses you in finding, filing and completing the right visa for the right purpose. With the help of our skilled agents you can avoid reasons leading to refusals visa. Contact us, for any query at our support cell and we'll be glad to assist you.

Top 5 Australian Visa Refusal Reasons

1. Applying for the wrong category of visa : There are more than 140 visa types in Australia. Some of them appear to be alike but contain a lot of specifications and conditions which differ from each other. Also, the migration laws in Australia are complex which may be wrongly understood or interpreted by an applicant. Taking help of professional migration agents, like our adept Migration Agent Perth is imminent to file right kind of visa and avoid their declination.

2. Financial Incapacity : Sometimes the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia rejects a visa application on the basis of financial incapacity. Currently, Australia is listed as the 4th costliest country, with Sydney and Melbourne listed amongst top 10 expensive cities in the world. An applicant must be financially uplifted to afford to live in Australia. Although, typically it depends on which kind of visa you are applying for and under which subclass. For example, a person applying for Investor Retirement will have to produce income certificate, assets, and investments of much higher value.

3. Incomplete visa application or falsified information : It is utterly important to fill out visa application meticulously and with precision. Even a slightest of error will lead to visa refusal. You should, therefore, take a migration agent's help to avoid filling any misleading information. You can call us for any such visa application needs.

4. Failure to satisfy medical and character requirements : Any criminal record or association with persons involved in criminal activities will lead to visa denial. On the other hand, health requirements depend upon the kind of visa you are applying for.

5. Sponsors' inefficiency in meeting criteria Failing to meet sponsors' criteria is another popular reason for visa rejection. For example, if a sponsor fails to produce proof of permanent visa holder, an Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand with 18 years of age or above while acting as a sponsor for a partner then the visa will be downright rejected.

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